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Frequently Asked Questions

Can pictures and other art be hung on the walls?

Anything you can do to traditional walls (short of puncturing or staining easily) can be done with finished basement system walls. Hanging kits will be provided for every panel. If you plan on mounting something exceptionally heavy (like a large mirror), tell your installer before he begins so that he can make the necessary preparations for a heavy-duty mount.

How long will it take to install a finished basement system?

Most basement renovations require about 8 business days, or roughly two weeks. A finished basement system takes about half that time and is much less intrusive into your home.

Can I purchase a finished basement system and install it myself?  

Currently, finished basement systems are only available through distributors and licensed contractors. It is unlikely that in the near future that they will be available publicly. Installation of the system can be complicated and come out badly if done by someone who is inexperienced. Trust a professional to do an excellent job. The system is affordable enough that doing it yourself would pose no great financial advantage.

What will happen to a finished basement system if my basement floods?  

Because PVC is waterproof and durable, should your basement flood there will be no serious damage. Once the water is removed and repairs are made to other parts of your basement, the finishing system should be as good as new. However, if there are certain chemicals or minerals in the water that flooded, your walls could end up being slightly stained.

How should I clean my basement system?  

PVC does not get exceptionally dirty, but when some marks appear, they are not difficult to remove. A stiff bristled brush and simple detergent will remove 90% of the most common stains.

If a stain or some damage is done that cannot be removed, what should be done?  

Replacement of one panel in a finished basement system is not difficult and can be done easily and at low cost. If some damage is done to the panel, call your installer and find out the cost and what he or she can do.

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How can I find out more information?

When you are ready, we offer a Fast Free Quote Service that will get you the pricing you need for your Finished Basement project.

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