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Traditional basement finishing is much like the construction one would find in a home above ground. Wooden studs, drywall, wallpaper or paint and wooden molding. However, a fundamental difference in basements can make typical construction materials and procedures impractical. Basements are located beneath the ground, usually incorporating the foundation of a house as its walls. In states whose temperature dips below freezing, regulations dictate that a space be kept beneath the home within the foundation that is filled with air. This space must extend below the freezing mark in the soil. Throughout most of the country which receives below-freezing temperatures, this is about 3 feet. A crawlspace of that height is acceptable, but most home builders opt for a full basement to give more room to the newly built home.

While this gives some houses almost as much room downstairs as upstairs, it creates a problem: concrete, which most foundations are made out of, is porous. The extra moisture in the soil around the basement is able to penetrate most foundations and create a buildup of humidity in your basement. While you might be able to remove some of the mugginess with a dehumidifier or air conditioner, water that is trapped between the concrete foundation and your walls can cause significant damage. Insulation and moisture protection can be placed on the outside of a foundation at the time a house is built, but once the basement is again immersed in dirt, nothing can be done. However, finished basement systems, made from PVC material and built with protection from moisture in mind will block high levels of humidity to permeate your lower levels.

Besides structural integrity and comfort, finished basement systems offer an unparalleled ease of installation. Rather than having to cut pieces of drywall, put up studs, create large messes cutting and trimming as well as needing to buy a great deal of materials, the system puts PVC pieces in that have been custom cut. It is a clean and neat installation that takes under two weeks rather than more than a month. Electrical, water and structural components will not be disturbed and only your basement will be affected by the construction.

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