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Basement System Suggestions

Basements are very versatile. Unlike upstairs rooms, whose location often dictates their function, basements can literally be made into any type of room with any purpose. One would not make the room that the front door walks into their bedroom, but your basement can be either, and more. Here are some suggestions for what you can use your newly renovated cellar via finished basement systems for.

Workout Room

Weights, treadmills and stationary bicycles are all large objects that take up a lot of room and usually detract from the décor of a normal room. If you often work out and exercise but do not appreciate the loss of space and class of your upstairs floor plan, consider consolidating your health accoutrements in your newly renovated basement in the form of a workout room. Any dropped weights or uneven treadmills will do minimal damage to the durable walls.

Playroom/Children’s Room

A Finished Basement as a Family roomIf you have small children, you might find yourself always exasperated that there are toys all over the floor, creating obstacles for you to jump over. Getting your children to pick up their room or a family room can be difficult, and it might often result in you having to do the cleaning yourself. One way to alleviate this problem is to centrally locate all toys and playthings in an out of the way room that is spacious enough for your children and their friends. While it is no means a license for your kids to make a mess and leave it there, the untidiness of a basement is a small price to pay for cleanliness throughout the rest of the house. The dent resistant walls of a finished basement system will stand up to the most intense of games and cleaning them is easy.

Recreation Room

A Finished Basement as a Family roomYou might have a number of hobbies such as music, billiards, table tennis or foosball which you can’t seem to accommodate upstairs. Be it through lack of space, consideration for others or simply no practical spot for it, you might have to get rid of your hobbies and passions. Fortunately, most basements will fit an entire drum set, a ping pong table and a big screen TV. Make your basement the room where you escape and have no thoughts of space, decoration or others.

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