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The Components

The many parts of the finished basement system all go towards the goal of allowing moisture to pass through safely without doing damage, as well as giving you access to the interior of the wall that is unavailable via conventional construction. The system incorporates insulation that is built in that serves as thermal and acoustic insulation. Temperature differences can facilitate the transfer of moisture, and noise reduction is simply an added benefit.

Cool, damp, dark places are the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Most mildew in basements grows in the walls and behind them where they have the greatest access to moisture. The finished basement system takes away from them a place to gain a foothold, both by removing moisture from an area hospitable to them and never letting mold spores take up residence.

Because PVC is used, dents and scratches are less common. Wood and drywall can have many marks and scratches, and though it is rare, when PVC is scratched, it will be almost invisible. This is useful for those who use their basement as a playroom for children or workout area for adults. The walls are very durable and depending on the contractor or manufacturer will more than likely have a warranty.

One of the most useful features of the finished basement system is the ability to remove panels and access the interior of the wall. This is useful anywhere in the house, since at times cord and wires are difficult to locate and move. But with many of the access points of various electronic components located in the basement, it is even more important that access is available.

Finished basement systems can very easily be customized to provide an attractive look for your basement. Rather than being ugly and plain, the system can be outfitted with faux-wooden trim, patterns on the walls and other decorations. Your vision for an eye-pleasing room that compliments your furniture and other decorations will not be limited by the finished basement system.

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